Climate and Weather

The dry season

It is best to travel to Benin – at least if one limits oneself to the south of the country – between November and March, during the great dry season, especially in November-December, or from mid-July to mid-August or September, during the small dry season which interrupts the rainy season.

During the dry season, while on the coast the heat is bearable, in the north the thermometer often reaches 40 °C with, fortunately, dry air and cooler nights.

During this season, the harmattan, a hot and dusty wind, blows from the desert.

The rainy season

It runs from April to October. The North has only one rainy season, roughly from May to September (abundant rains), while in the South there is a small rainy season from late September to late October.

When To Visit Benin

When visiting Benin if you are limited to the south of the country it is best to travel between November and March, during the long dry season, or from mid-July to mid-August during the short dry season. The North only has a rainy season from May to September.

The best season to better discover Benin in its depths starts at the beginning of the dry season from November to May, period also of opening of the parks of W and Pendjari and the launching of hunting tourism for the impassioned ones of beasts and safaris, the herbs during this period are short for the great happiness of the practitioners of tourism of vision.

In summary the best tourist season to discover Benin in all its splendor covers the periods of October, November, December, January, February, March, April.