Sports and Leisure


It’s a sport that excites African crowds year after year and makes a lot of kids dream about it. Every CAN (African Cup of Nations), every 2 years (even years), is a great event. Wherever you are, never hesitate to put on your shorts to hit the ball with youngsters. Pleasure guaranteed.


Discover the game of awalé, a simple strategy game that remains a masterpiece of playful intelligence. Various card games and other games on the sand deserve our attention. Finally, Malians (and Senegalese) are among the best checkers players in the world, along with Russians and Dutch, while the same do not count for much on the international chess scene.

Sport fishing

The coasts of the Gulf of Guinea are very rich in fish and suitable for fishing. Several types of fishing are practiced depending on the region: casting, surf-casting, trolling, big game fishing. Fans of reels and rods as well as lovers of fresh fish will be particularly welcome. There are: swordfish, tuna, thiofs, captains, barracudas, jacks, hake…